Investigative Services

  Regardless of your objectives or budget, CRG will develop an expert strategy to obtain the 
factual information and documentation necessary.  We'll maintain the chain of custody, archive the evidence 
provide expert testimony.


Claims Resource Group


Claims Resource Group provides a comprehensive array of integrated investigative services to the  Insurance Claim, Legal and Corporate Communities, Municipalities, School Districts and Housing Authorities.  Established, managed and directed by an experienced licensed Private Detective and former Claims Professional, CRG recognizes the timely needs of our clients: and is expert at the investigation, reporting and support process.  Our staff of Professional Field Investigators have experience that can only be acquired from conducting thousands of successful investigations.   


     "No other investigative service can deliver our level of service, satisfaction and results."

Providing to
 Claim Departments, SIU Departments, Defense Counsels, Law Firms, Corporations, Municipalities, School Districts & Housing Authorities
Workers Comp,  General Liability, Auto Liability, Short & Long Term Disability, FMLA, Residency, Surveillance, General & other Investigations

       Claims Resource Group, 27 Wa ter Street, Suite 16B, Wakefield, MA 01880