CRG’s Specialized Investigators provide a comprehensive investigation and review of Social Media sites for pertinent subject information. We provide you with a detailed report of what has been discovered and suggest how it may be applied to a field investigation.  We scour dozens of social media and other web sources in order to conduct these investigations.  Our Profile Services enable us to discover and report on past, present and upcoming events! 
    1. Standard Profile Investigation
          The Standard Profile service provides you with the results of our deep web investigation of social media sites and other web presence.
    2. Enhanced Profile Investigation
          The Enhanced Profile service combines our Standard Profile with a Criminal and Civil Records investigation
    3. Enhanced Profile Plus 
           The Enhanced Profile Plus service combines our Enhanced Profile Investigation along with an on-site Activity Check. 
           This economical and proactive tool provides relevant findings which can then be applied to future investigation or surveillance.  
       *Profile Monitoring
            CRG will conduct regular monitoring of the identified social media sites and report any pertinent findings to you.  This service 
            provides economical, real time findings and information which can then be applied to the investigation or surveillance. 
            Profile Monitoring can be requested with any of our Profile Services

Profile Services